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About Thought Cycle

Thought Cycle is an educational video game and software developer founded by experienced designers, engineers, artists and business professionals and partnered with leading researchers. The company is focused on building products that improve education outcomes and encourage student success. Thought Cycle creates high quality, engaging learning experiences through the integration of gaming and education expertise, cutting edge technology and rigorous academic research.


NumberShire, Thought Cycle's premier title, teaches critical math concepts to kindergarten through second grade students, especially those at risk for mathematics difficulties, through a unique narrative approach featuring endearing characters, fun mini-games and rewards. NumberShire was rigorously tested in an
8-week randomized controlled trial. Students who played the game made significant gains in whole number concepts and skills. NumberShire has been funded by small business and research grants from the U.S. Department of Education and is currently available for web-browsers.

NumberShire Press Coverage

The kids rave about the web-based game, which teaches math through an engaging story and colorful characters set in the fairy tale village of NumberShire.
Register Guard Making Math Fun June 1st, 2014

NumberShire Testimonials

The reason I have decided to become involved in NumberShire is I really feel like this is the future, this is where we're going to make a lot of progress working with students.
Tim McAndrew Math Coordinator Prospect Hill Academy, Somerville, MA
If the students select an incorrect answer, the game re-teaches the skill and gives the student the language on what the math concept is, what they need to do and why, so the student can practice and master that skill.
Antje Snawder Kindergarten Teacher Chavez Elementary, Eugene OR
I give NumberShire praises! The kids really respond well to it. They are engaged, learning, and excited! I plan to use NumberShire next year!
Christie Hoogendoorn 1st Grade Teacher Camas Ridge Community School, Eugene OR





Prior to forming Thought Cycle, our team members contributed to dozens of successful games and franchises including Zynga's FrontierVille, Activision's Tony Hawk franchise and others for publishers including Electronic Arts, Eidos, and Disney Interactive. Our core team has worked together for nearly ten years on a wide variety of projects.


Marshall Gause is president and creative director of Thought Cycle and principal investigator on NumberShire. Marshall previously served as creative director for Buzz Monkey Software where he helped guide the development of game franchises such as FrontierVille, Tomb Raider, Tony Hawk and Happy Feet for publishers including Zynga, Activision, Electronic Arts, and Disney. He was also a senior designer for Acclaim Entertainment, contributing to original gaming franchises including Vexx, Turok, and NBA

Patrick Brott is Thought Cycle's technical director and is responsible for the company's project architecture and software engineering team. He has fifteen years of video game industry experience and has worked as a Senior and Lead Engineer on over 25 shipped titles including Tomb Raider, Tony Hawk, and Disney's Club Penguin. Patrick holds a degree in computer science from Western Oregon University.

Jacob Voll is lead engineer for NumberShire. He has worked on games including Tomb Raider and NFL Street, as well as Springbrook's government accounting software. He has experience in many fields of software and game production including programming, design, support, sound engineering, and technical art work. Jacob has a degree in computer science from the University of Oregon.

Michael Mack is a senior game developer at Thought Cycle. He holds an M.S. in computer science from the University of Oregon and has been a senior engineer, lead gameplay engineer, and product manager during his career in the video game industry. Michael has worked on top console franchises such as Tomb Raider, NFL Street, and Army of Two as well as massively multiplayer online Facebook games such as Mobsters, ESPNU College Town, and FrontierVille.

Trevor Dilley has worked in software development for 7 years, contributing to games such as Army of Two: 40th Day and Tony Hawk: Shred at Buzz Monkey Software and assistive software products at Eugene Research Institute. Trevor develops the architecture and backend code powering our flagship product, NumberShire. Trevor serves as Thought Cycle's server-side engineer, and he holds a degree in computer science from the University of Oregon.

Greg Reinmuth is a senior game designer with 14 years of experience in the industry. He has worked on a wide variety of titles, from top tier games such as Tomb Raider, NFL Street and Tony Hawk, to social games like FrontierVille and Social City, to training simulations and educational games like NumberShire. He has contributed to commercial games as an artist and animator, as well. Greg holds a degree in graphic arts from Oregon State

Gabe Soria is an accomplished writer, game designer and video producer. Gabe has authored or co-authored the graphic novels Love Bites, Knives of Glory, Vile and Wrecked: Musicians and has written for DC Comics' Batman Adventures and Batman '66. He has designed games for Acclaim Entertainment and served as Music Programming Director for VBS Television. His work has been published in a variety of magazines including Spin, Entertainment Weekly and Men's Health.

Anna Reinmuth is an experienced technical artist who works on animations, visual effects and world scenes. She has worked in the industry for just short of 10 years as an animator, special effects artist, UI artist, level artist, and character artist. Anna has a degree in 3D computer animation from DigiPen institute of Technology.

Cassandra Worthington is an artist on the team. She graduated from the Art Institute of Portland in 2011 and has been working in the game industry since then starting at Buzz Monkey Software, moving to Zynga and finally to Thought Cycle in 2013. Her primary work has been art development, art asset creation, and user interface design.